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Surgical Towel

Surgical towels are special types of linens used particularly in surgical operations and in-hospital care. Unlike other linens, these towels are used to absorb more delicate fluids such as blood and human secretion, which have to be properly cleaned to avoid contamination with bacteria, which in turn may cause further health problems not only to the patient but also to the other people that may get in contact with it.

• Surgical towels are normally found in hospitals, clinics and wellness centers and are used by doctors, nurses and hospital stuff in cleaning spills and retained liquids in surgical equipment and surfaces.

•These towels also are used in cushioning and wiping other equipment. Aside from hospitals, surgical towels are also the top choice for professional janitorial services because of their effective absorbency.

•They are also used in cleaning chrome gym equipment and wiping leftover spills off tables in restaurants and the color of surgical towel is blue & green

•One defining feature of surgical towels is that they are spun and hemmed specifically for surgical cleaning. This means they are more capable of absorbing liquids and leaving surfaces clean and dry,

• unlike other fabric materials that leave moisture behind. It is an imperative for surgical towels to be highly absorbent,
•as leaving behind residue may cause various potential health problems on other patients and even healthy individuals exposed to it.